Some Interviews

“Between the Covers” podcast with David Naimon at Tin House

“Stitches, Stems, and Pockets in the Sublime Work of Danielle Dutton” by Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou at London Magazine

“Danielle Dutton on What a Narrative Can Hold” by Cressida Leyshon at The New Yorker

“LARB Radio Hour” podcast with Kate Wolf and Medaya Ocher at LARB

“Danielle Dutton and Prairie, Dresses, Art, Other” podcast episode at Across the Pond

“A Conversation with Danielle Dutton” by John Vincler at Music & Literature

“How Do I Know I Want To Publish a Book? Vague Nausea” by Nathan Scott McNamara at The Millions

“Danielle Dutton by Kate Zambreno” at BOMB Magazine

“Danielle Dutton and Richard Kraft” at BOMB Magazine

“What Is Experimental Literature?” by Christopher Higgs at HTMLGIANT

“A Kind of Buzzing, Eerie Domesticity (On Writing SPRAWL)” by Lisa Pearson at Siglio

& Some Articles

“Publisher, Author, Pioneer: Danielle Dutton’s Very Virginia Woolf Life” by Michele Filgate in the Los Angeles Times

“How Archival Fiction Upends Our View of History” by Lucy Ives at The New Yorker

“Between Fact and Fable: Historical Fiction or Nonfiction Novel?” by Clayton Wickham at LitHub

“Why American Publishing Needs Indie Presses like Graywolf, Coffee House, and Dorothy” by Nathan Scott McNamara at The Atlantic

“Fiction Must Be Fed: On Margaret Cavendish, Frieda Kahlo, and Marie Curie” by Anne Yoder at The Millions